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Joseph L. Ortiz, P.E., is well known for innovative design and consulting for the water and wastewater industries.  With over 15 years experience and the ability to apply the latest technologies to difficult  problems for industry and government, Joseph L. Ortiz provides the experience and resources to evaluate your structure, your treatment plant or your storage facilites to obtain the most efficient solution for your business.

San Ramon Valley Master Plan is in the final stages of construction.  Joseph L. Ortiz has been involved in the design of two large pre-stressed concrete tanks: a 4 MG Chlorine Contact Chamber (CCC) and a 16 MG clearwell.  The innovative spiral baffle wall configuration of the 4 MG CCC was the subject of a paper presented at the 2004 AWWA National Convention.  For more details, clickhere.

The Berryman/Summit East Pumping Plant project has been completed.  This is the first phase of the Berryman Reservoir Replacement Project.  As project manager, Joseph L. Ortiz steered the successful planning, design and construction of this project.  The second phase of the program, replacement of the existing Berryman Reservoir, is scheduled to commence in 2005.

The Folsom South Canal Connection Project is scheduled to begin design in early 2005.  Joseph L. Ortiz has been involved in all aspects of the planning and CEQA process for this project, which involves construction of a 100 MGD pipeline and two pumping plants.


The Ortizian Spiral (patent pending) provides the most efficient  and economical solution for chlorine contact chambers.  This configuration is up to 95% efficient, and its use will allow smaller contact cchambers as well as reduce the need for Cl2.

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